Sunday, April 22, 2007

From Silent Spring to Silent Night

This is a long video but well worth an hour of your time. Even if you are not a scientist, even if chemistry was not your bag, the information is easy to understand.

But don't despair, all is not lost; it is merely delayed. You know how to correct the problem, the question is - will you do it?

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Just Say NO to Insanity - NO-OLF

Because Adobe cannot be viewed by everyone, I found this YouTube video to share with you. It is not like mine - these people have been at the forefront of this issue from the beginning. I became involved because governmental insanity offends me. Our pilots are at risk, our farmers & their families are at risk, and our food supply is at risk because Virginia Beach and the Navy would not say NO to development around Fentress and Oceana. Now they are willing to put their pilot's lives in jeopardy to mitigate the noise for wealthy homeowners. I'm sorry but the pilot's lives and the farmer's lives are much more important that those stupid homeowners right to quiet. There is no way in hell they didn't know about those planes BEFORE they bought and built.

Today, it's in North Carolina. Tomorrow, it might be your state.

Please, for the love of nature, wholesome US grown food, and life itself - call, write, email, or fax your Senators and Representatives because every little bit helps. This is a national issue because this is a National Wildlife Refuge with endangered species protected by international treaty.

Your email can make a difference.

Thursday, April 05, 2007